Discussion Doramadalawa — 12 February 2013

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  1. It is so pathetic that some people act like real nut cases if you are a real matured person your words & deeds shall show it …. Prof. Nalin can believe in his own way of thinking but he should respect others ….. even though Prof. Fonseka is a materialistic he is very humble fellow

    So called followers of Buddha does not show it by their deeds

  2. Dear Hasantha,

    Thank you very much for this precious gift presented to the nation. I highly appreciate your decision to invite Dr. Nalin de Silva to the program. It is very important to realize what we can get from this person who is a very precious gem among rubble. The way he express his emotions would not be the best suited for the media. Let’s be patient and ponder over those ideas rather than resist simply because they are different from what we hear all the time.

    We Sri Lankans are good at shedding crocodile tears after the loss of the precious gems like Ven. Soma himi and Dr. Nalin rather than listening to them and make the most of their versatility.

    I think this will be turning point of the nation gifted by Doramadalawa.

    Theruwansarana wewa!!!
    Sema deviyo rakithwa!!!

  3. Dear Hasantha:

    Thanks for inviting Dr. Nalin,

    First time I heard him fully in previous doramadalawa. I analysed Dr. Nalin’s ideas and there is no way to refuse those ideas. I mean I really analysed his theories on this subject.

    Hasantha..you are a real presenter and you did great job every time..many thanks…and..please tell me how can I further study about teachings of Dr. Nalin.

    Thanks again Hasantha and Doramadalawa Team…

    • @ sanpath gamage please go to his web site http://www.kalaya.org .thank u very much HASANTHA

      • thnks amal

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