Discussion Doramadalawa — 29 January 2013

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  1. Namobuddhaya!!!

    Dear Hasantha!

    Well done!! That’s all Ive got to say. Please see the following link.



  2. karlo fonseka wage bauthikawadeen doramadalawata genwana wita bauthikawadayata wirudda matha darana prof Nalin de silva wani aya genwanna.ewita meya wada tulanathmaka wada satahanak wevi.batahira widyawa( medicine ,physics……) yanu thawath ek danum paddathiyak bawa prof Nalin de silva noyek awasthawala dee pahadili kara ata. budu dahamata wirudda bauthikawadee adahas doramadalawa wani wadasatahanakin prachaya weema kanagatuwata karanayak.

  3. Namobuddhaya!!

    Let’s use science as a tool. Mostly I see people present themselves as scientists although they are not. Scientists are who really do the experiments and find out things by themselves. Many so called scholars in Sri Lanka are interpreters who burrow others knowledge and present in different ways. Some of them are just technologists who follow procedures.

    I know one of the very few scientists in Sri Lanka and his name is Prof. Nalin De Silva whom the fake scholars are scared of. May be that’s why he is even not invited to programs like Doramadalawa.
    If you really want to know the advancements of the science (although science is not the absolute reality) please listen to real scientists like the one below

    Biology of Belief – by Bruce Lipton

  4. I read the article captioned “The Great Sex Swindle” published in The Age newspaper today 2/2/13 and my mind went to the Doramandalawa on Mind and Brain. The article discussed the differences between male and female educational patterns in Australia.
    The article is written by the Senior Writer Catherine Armitage by citing the findings from various sceintists. Among those is Professor Raewyn Connel who is Australia’s most distinguished sociologist and below is some of the quotes from him.
    “Neurology, endocrinology, psychology, sociology, anthropology, history – none of these gives us the MASTER KEY to understanding human life and development and the interplay between masculinity and femininity. For that we have to build the sciences together. But this is a slow and difficult process, and not what ideologues wand, because they want quick and easy answers”

  5. Branding (Prof.) Nalin De Silva a scientist just because he has (yet another) different definition for “reality” could very well be a form of “self-delusion”. While I do agree to some extent with his views on day-to-day happenings, the same cannot be said about the manner in which he speaks about science. Being so bitter about what’s wrong with the “inia” Western Science may not do much to promote his ideas. Also I find it highly amusing that he goes to great lengths to condemn “Western Science” as an offshoot of Christianity but fails to mention that there is a thriving community of “Scientific Purists” among the Westerners as well. (Richard Dawkins – Foundation for Reason & Science anyone ?) Obviously someone missed a very important part of his “scientific observation”. That’s the best you can hope to get when relying too much on the “knowledge of the unseen deities”.

    Secondly, all this talk about “realism” and “brain vs. mind” does nothing useful if the context of the discussion continues to be all philosophical. I was amazed to see how much, people get worked up when they are faced with an idea they don’t like (Doramadalawa, Last Week). Going to great lengths about something in a book or who-said-what would not make something necessarily true (or false). Also, what good does it do to parrot-quote religious leaders in their haste to prove a point ?

    All in all, arguing incessantly about what is true and what’s not is not going to help anyone. Spending one’s whole life mixing various ideas and philosophies together does nothing to improve one’s understanding. Unfortunately, the way things are with the views of the local community, I don’t see arguments about Science / Religion / Realism / Afterlife + any number of misc. things, coming to rest anytime soon. Oh well… in the meanwhile, the rest of the world quietly moves on with more productive matters.

    Now, let’s get back to defining “absolute reality” :-)

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