Pohodina Sakachchawa — 27 November 2012

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  1. Dear ITN admin,
    Unable to download the ‘Pohodina sakachchawa’ onthe 27th of this month[ poya day]. Can you please upload it properly? Obalata bohoma pin !

    with Meththa,


  2. director,
    i want to watch the program, paramitha.somehow i couldn’t find it. could you please send it to me or make it visible on your web. thank you. pin siddha wewa.

  3. Dear ITN Friends,

    Error message received when I try to download “pohodina sakachchawa” programme in your site. Some kind of technical failure is there. Hence, please do the needful.

    Dear Readers,

    If someone knows the way how it download, please let me know.



    • Dear Madusanka,
      We fixed it, really appreciate your valuable feedback.

  4. Please upload the pohodina sakachchawa

    pin siduwewa

    with Meththa

  5. Dear Sir;

    We can’t down load Pohodina sakachchawa dated 27.11.2012. please upload this properly.
    May triple gem bless you


    • Dear Nishantha,
      We fixed it. now you can watched it

  6. Dear ITN Team,

    The Poho Dina Sakachcha of 27th November cannot be downloaded. Can you please re-load it to your site. Today is the 9th of Feb 2013.

    Dr. Lanka

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